Ten Strategies For Making Your Moving Day Go More Smoothly

Does a looming relocation fill you with apprehension? Simply adhering to a few simple guidelines helps alleviate stress. Consider using these ten helpful strategies:

1. Begin Packing As Soon As Possible

In most cases, households underestimate the amount of time required to sort and pack their possessions in anticipation of a relocation. Consider doubling (or tripling) the amount of time you initially allocate for packing.


2. Invest in High-Quality Supplies

If your budget permits, treat yourself to new, high-quality moving boxes and packing materials. Full-time moving companies appreciate the importance of using strong boxes with extensive wrapping and padding. While these supplies do cost a little bit more, they reduce accidental damage.

3. Wrap Fragile Items Carefully

Fragile items generally arrive in a better condition when the person responsible for packing them spends a little extra time carefully securing them within thick moving boxes. Never place small, loose items unsecured inside a box with other objects; instead, rely on storage compartments or smaller boxes packed within larger ones.

4. Don’t Transport Flammable Materials or Liquids

Visit a landfill to properly discard potentially hazardous items such as insecticides, caustic cleaning agents, oils, paints, alcoholic beverages, and other potentially flammable substances. You’ll have an opportunity to re-stock them after your relocation.

5. Transport Pets in Approved Carriers

If you relocate across a state line or an international border, you’ll need to obtain appropriate travel health certifications for your pet(s) from a veterinarian. Consider asking the clinic to recommend a sturdy, high-quality transport carrier.

6. Suspend Delivery Services in Advance of a Relocation

If you subscribe to a local newspaper, a dairy service, a laundry service, or a utility company and you need to cut off service prior to leaving your current address, make sure you take this step prior to the arrival of Moving Day. Performing these types of administrative tasks in a rush at the last minute will delay your departure. These types of necessary transactions sometimes cause frustration or anxiety if providers do not receive sufficient advance notice about a relocation.

7. File a Change of Address

When possible, contact the Post Office in advance to file a formal change of address notice. This step helps ensure you won’t fail to receive mail delivered during a relocation.

8. Label Moving Boxes

Carefully labeling moving boxes and retaining a master list of the contents expedites unpacking. It eliminates a lot of confusion and stress associated with moving. Use clearly visible labels.

9. Pack a Household Essentials Kit

Take along basic personal care items your household uses on a daily basis during your relocation. This step prevents discomfort during the move and after your arrival. This kit should include a flashlight and a cell phone.

10. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Make sure you obtain a complete night’s sleep immediately before Moving Day. You’ll prepare your body to handle the challenges of relocation more effectively.


Enjoy a More Pleasant Relocation

By following these tips, you’ll eliminate some common sources of Moving Day stress. Very few people truly enjoy the process of transitioning from a familiar place to a new address. However, by relying upon common sense and using these ten simple strategies as a guide, you’ll ease many anxieties surrounding household relocations!

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