How to Pack and Store Your Christmas Décor After the Holidays

It is time to pack away the holiday decorations. We know that it can be a lot harder to bring the decorations down than it is to put them up in the first place, so we want you to know the best ways to make this process as quick and easy as possible.

That’s why we are going to impart some tips for putting those decorations away. You can then think about creating new memories with them the next time Christmas comes around.

Smart Ways to Pack Your Decorations

You do not always need to purchase a whole lot of packing materials in order to store your items successfully. If you are looking to place your small ornaments away, stowing them in egg cartons is a good way to keep them secure during their ‘hibernation,’ experts say. These cartons are meant to keep eggs from being crushed, so they will be a good place to store your ornaments as well.

You can use those cardboard drink holders fast food joints give you for safely storing larger ornaments. You could also use apple containers you get from the supermarket. Keep those plastic gift containers you receive as well. Put tissue paper inside them, and they are a perfect storage facility for fragile decorations such as nativity figures or the star you put on top of your tree.


Putting Your Christmas Tree into Storage

Taking your Christmas tree down can bring a number of storage issues to the fore. When you use an artificial tree, a lot of bulky parts can be needed to store.

Experts also suggest using a tree bag like a heavy-duty bag that has handles to manage the weight a bit easier. An additional way to make transporting trees more manageable is by placing them in a big container that has wheels attached. You will have the ability to move your tree easier.

Handling Holiday Displays

Not everyone who places holiday displays up will be doing it at their house. A lot of the most exquisite holiday displays are used by businesses and retail stores. Businesses will have special storage concerns. They usually have bigger trees, and it can be hard to decorate them while running a shop at the same time.

Commercial decorators advise arranging a tree that’s pre-decorated.


This is going to prevent you from wasting more time and worry. Stowing away Christmas lights is also something that can be time-consuming for many retailers, so it is smart to think about installing the lights in places that you can keep on the tree as you’re packing it away to storage.

Another suggestion to make storage and decorating easier for commercial businesses is to fix ornaments to the branches and produce bows from wired ribbons because it will be easy to scrunch them up when storage time comes.

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